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      Grandparents Day at Thorntown! Please read this important information.


      We are excited to host Grandparents' Day on Friday, October 14. Due to limited parking and construction restrictions, we will do 2 sessions to split the crowd. We recognize this can make for a long day for grandparents who want to attend both sessions. Thorntown has some wonderful eateries where you can catch up with friends and grab a bite before returning for our afternoon session. Hopefully you can make a great day of celebrating your role as grandparents!

      Grades 3-6:

      • 8:45 Sign-in stations open up at doors 11 & 12. Grandparents may visit classrooms briefly as time allows, until the program begins in the gym.
      • 9:30 Grandparents take their seats in the gym
      • 9:45 Program
      • 10:15 or when program ends - Release students back to classrooms
      • 10:20 Release grandparents to leave

      Grades PreK-2:

      • 12:30 Sign-in stations open up at doors 11 & 12. Grandparents may visit classrooms briefly as time allows, until the program begins in the gym.
      • 1:15 Grandparents take their seats in the gym
      • 1:30 Program
      • 2:00 or when program ends - Release students back to classrooms
      • 2:05 Release grandparents to leave building (Must clear any parking from Mill Street for busses to arrive by 2:15) 


      Secure Sign-In: We are asking grandparents to pre-register to help expedite the sign-in process. They can still attend if they do not pre-register, but they will need a background check run upon arrival to be permitted in the building. This can slow their check-in time. Pre-registration can open 7 days prior to an event, so we will share the registration link on Oct 7.

      Parking: School staff will park off-site that day to open up the parking lot for our visitors. Parking will still be limited, so plan your arrival accordingly in the event you need to park off-site.

      Dismissal: We are asking to be notified in writing on or before the morning of Oct 14 of any students who will be going home with their grandparents. Following the program, these students will return to their classrooms to gather their belongings, before being released to the office at the main entrance where they will connect with their grandparents. No one should leave with students without signing them out in the office.


      It is very important for parents to pass the info on to grandparents so they have the details and pre-registration info.

      2022-2023 TES School Supply Lists
      College 529 Savings Account Information.  Please click the image below for more information.


    • Thorntown Elementary Mission Statement

      Thorntown Elementary School staff, parents, and community dedicate themselves to promoting and improving the education of children and youth. In addition, the school provides a safe climate favorable to positive educational growth. Educational experiences are flexible enough to enhance the personal and intellectual development of all students; as well as, to provide encouragement for students to become life-long learners.

      Western Boone Vision Statement

      We will be a progressive school community dedicated to excellence in education, holding high expectations for students and staff, and committing our resources and energies toward continuous improvement.
    • The following schedules are current for this school year. Please check the alternate schedule when we have a school delay. Thank You.

      School Day Schedule
      • School Begins 7:55 am
      • School Dismissed 2:40 pm
      • Doors will open at 7:40 am
      • First Bell 7:40 am
      • Tardy Bell 7:55 am

      Alternate Schedule
      (2 hr delay)
      • 9:55 am - 2:40 pm
      • Doors open at 9:40 am

      Lunch Times
      • Preschool 10:20-10:50 am
      • Kindergarten 10:30-11:00 am
      • First Grade 10:50-11:20 am
      • Second Grade 11:50 am-12:20 pm
      • Third Grade 11:05-11:35 am
      • Fourth Grade 11:20-11:50 am
      • Fifth Grade 11:40 am-12:10 pm
      • Sixth Grade 12:25-12:55 pm

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      • ADMIN Office

        Western Boone Community Schools
        1201 N. State Road 75
        Thorntown, IN 46071-9229

        Rob Ramey, Supt.
        Phone: 765-482-6333

        Hours: 7:30AM-4PM, M-F

        Jr.-Sr. High School

        Western Boone Jr.-Sr. HS
        1205 North St. Rd. 75
        Thorntown, IN 46071

        Brent Miller, Principal
        Phone: 765-482-6143
        Fax: 765-482-6146
      • Elementary schools

        Granville Wells Elementary
        5046 South St. Rd. 75
        Jamestown, IN 46147

        Tricia Stanley, Principal
        Phone: 765-485-6311
        Fax:  765-676-5012

        Thorntown Elementary
        200 W. Mill St.
        Thorntown, IN 46071

        Abbie Hayden, Principal
        Phone: 765-485-2447
        Fax: 765-436-2630

        Mission Statement

        We are a partnership of school and community that serves diverse educational needs by providing a safe learning environment that is innovative, competitive, a builder of self-worth, inspiring and fun.
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