School Improvement Plan

Thorntown Elementary School
School Improvement Plan
Prepared in Compliance with Public Law 221
This school improvement plan has been reviewed and revised on behalf of Thorntown 
Elementary School. It was prepared under the leadership of the building principal and assistant 
principal working in cooperation with the school improvement committee appointed in 
compliance with Indiana Public Law 221. The original plan was structured using the guidelines 
provided in rules approved by the Indiana State Board of Education. The first plan covered a 
three-year period dating from 2002-2005.

The original plan was reviewed and rewritten for the three-year period of 2005-2008. 
This document reflects the new PL 221 Plan which is required by the Indiana Department of 
Education. In order for our school to be considered for state accreditation, our school must 
submit timely information regarding legal standards and relevant data regarding school 
improvement planning and student achievement.  The plan is reviewed yearly. 

School Improvement Plan 2021